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Lok Dohori Song Introduction 
Lok song is the medium to explore the feelings,pain,happy moment and lonelyness in nepali community.This type of songs are being sang by nepalese people mainly in the hilly region.Dohari song is also a type of lok song in which two different parties mainly girls group and boys group sings song questioning and answering themselves.In dohari song the words are created at the mean line with attachment of leading lines known as vaka.Sarati,Thado vaka,Kauda,Jayuree,Deauda,are the various types of Dohari songs being sang at different regions of Nepal.Singers like Bum bahadur karki,Kalyan serchan,Dharma raj thapa,Kumar basnet,and at this time AK narayan bhandari,Raju pariyar,Bishnu maji,Yam bahadur kustari,Ramji khad, Muna thapa,Basanta bashnet any many others has brought lok dohari songs at popular stage among nepali music industry. 

Nepali Aadhunik Geet 
Modern nepali songs are of different importance in nepali music industry.Adhunik songs are known for their Forever melodyness.From the early stage of nepali music industry singers like Dharma raj thapa,Koily devi,Narayan gopal,Bhakta raj acharya including many others have given lifeline for modern nepali songs.At this time sentimental melody songs are popular among the people.Singers like Anju panta,Satya and shurap raj acharya,Hemanta sharma,Shisir yogi,Narayndra paysi and other many celebraty in music field are giving great effort to the modern nepali song field. Our website is providing almost of nepali adhunik songs among you with the great priority.We will be posting new releases and protecting the old songs. 

Nepali Pop Song 
Pop songs is also the part of nepalese music influenced by western songs.At this time thousands of songs has been released in nepali music industry but pop songs are popular among youngsters ana a bit backwarded in comparision to lok songs and adunik songs.many pop bands like Kandara,Karma,Mantra,Nepthya,1974 A.D and many others are popular.In nepali pop music industry lok pop is another part created in traditional way.Parivesh,Candara are lok pop bands in Nepal.We are providing almost of the pop songs at our web site.